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Asosiasi Pendidikan & Pelatihan
Maritim Indonesia
(Indonesian Maritime
Education & Training Association)

The Meeting Place for all Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Indonesia.

FOCUS Maritime Training Center is actively participating in APPMI, along with other Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Indonesia, in which FOCUS President Director - Mr. Robert T. Hadipuspito serves as APPMI's General Secretary.

Sinar Poseidon Gupita
The company provides education and training for experts in Naval Communications.

FOCUS Maritime Training Center joined hands with Sinar Poseidon Gupita to form a global Maritime Education and Training Consortium aptly named GUPITA-FOCUS Maritime Excellence, or GF-MAREX in short. To expand the breadth of Consortium's activities, GF-MAREX signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with two IMO Consultants, who are also founders of MET Consult, Ltd, namely: Prof. DR. Malek Pourzanjani and DR. M.A. Aziz on May 11, 2001, to assist the consortium in the Consultative Process, Marketing and Promotions of the GF-MAREX's International Maritime Education and Training Programs.
PT Citra Bina Tenaga Mandiri
An Indonesian Human Resource Services Corporation with its core business in the placement of Indonesian experts and professionals for overseas employment.

FOCUS Maritime Training Center works together with CBTM to place its best graduates for employment in the Maritime world.


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